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life in the back of beyond

damn, I thought Leicester was a hole. life in this place is so quiet you'd think you were dead and buried and rotting away already.

i am not goth.

it wouldn't be so bad if there was a bit of colour to the place. other than red, duh

when are those american girls supposed to get here? i heard it was soon.
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my people are looking for me.

i've decided. damn it, they won't find me. i'm safe here and they won't see me again. from this day forth i'm not theirs, i'm mine.

freedom. yum.
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    Blur. again. so call me a sad britpop freak.
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fear of flying

its embarassing to admit, but im afraid of flying. this isnt a problem usually but today i'm on a long trip and its a problem today.

i can see the ground, its a long way down.
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its a quiet neighbourhood. there are a couple of american girls on the block but we haven't spoken yet. just doing some window shopping. heh.

that reminds me. everyones saying how i was a deprived child, not given all the benefits those others were. its not so encouraging.
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on my own

So. that leaving home thing. the thing you look forward too all your life as a teenager. they write songs about it and everything. That was me today. My mum waved goodbye and left and im on my own to start my new life. And whats the first thing i do? Ive got myself a lj.

And I know what they say about guys who live in their parents basements. Well its cheap and there are peopel around to do the washing for you and stuff.

Im lonely :(
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